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Bosnia and Herzegovina: When a Minister Wants a Mercedes

July 23, 2015

Former FBiH Minister of Trade Milorad Bahilj drove around in an official car bought from the car company of his party boss’s nephew.   The luxury Mercedes SUV was passed on to current Trade Minister Aleksandar Remetić, but he said he did not feel comfortable in such an expensive vehicle. (Photo: CIN) Milorad Bahilj wanted […]

Moldova: 8 Foreigners Arrested in Suspected Money-Laundering Ring

July 23, 2015

Eight foreigners have been arrested by officers of Moldova’s National Anti-Corruption Center on suspicion of money laundering, while a ninth suspect remains under police observation while hospitalized for an undisclosed ailment.   Gheorghe Gorun   Three have been detained, while the others have been told not to leave the country. The group includes three French […]

How is Albania’s integration process moving on? Majority and opposition have different views

July 23, 2015

Recently, Albanian government has intensified its declarations that it’s expecting the European Union to give way to the opening of talks for Albanian’s accession in the EU this year. These declarations have been met with cold and skeptic reactions by senior EU officials. In numerous cases, they have declared that it’s very difficult for the talks […]

Albania Court Chiefs Manipulate Judicial Draws, Report Says

July 22, 2015

A report by the High Council of Justice, HCJ, on Monday said most of the draws held in Albanian courts to allocate cases to various judges are in effect decided by the head of the court. An inspection of 30 different courts in the country by HCJ inspectors concluded that in more than 50 per […]

Bulgarian Parliament’s Budget Commitee Approves Anti-Graft Draft Bill

July 21, 2015

The budget and finance committee in Bulgaria’s parliament approved on first reading the draft bill on the prevention of corruption among senior public officials on Thursday, BGNES reported. The legislation meant to prevent high-level graft and championed by Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva was approved by the parliament’s legal affairs committee on Wednesday. The government […]

Anti-Corruption Commission ‘Scolds’ SDSM Spokesman for Assuming Two Posts

July 21, 2015

The State Commission for Prevention of Corruption has launched a procedure against SDSM spokesperson, Peter Silegov, has learnt. One of the positions he assumes, is his seat in the Parliament, and the second one is a managerial position in a law firm. Silegov has shared the letter of the anti-corruption commission to his Facebook […]

“Antimafia” law identifies suspicious transfers from Belgium

July 21, 2015

In Albania, the so called “Antimafia” law, which was voted not long ago, is being implemented by the authorities, in an effort to stop money laundering and the funding of suspicious activities. Prosecution for Serious Crimes demands the seizure of over 850 thousand Euros in the bank accounts of a woman and a man in […]

TI Report Warns EU Of Corruption Risk In Five Eastern European Countries

July 20, 2015

A new report warns that a lack of progress fighting corruption in five Eastern European countries hampers democratic progress and undermines the prospect of greater economic and political cooperation with the European Union. The report, released on July 2 by Transparency International, assesses dozens of institutions responsible for preventing and fighting corruption in Armenia, Azerbaijan, […]

Croatia Court Drops Indictment Against Bandic

July 20, 2015

Zagreb County Court on Friday threw out an indictment filed against Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic and his colleagues for corrupt activities, citing lack of evidence.   Zagreb County Court on Friday threw out an indictment filed by the Croatian Office for Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime, USKOK, against Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic. Bandic, alongside […]

Serbian NGOs Attack Political Hires in Public Sector

July 20, 2015

A coalition of NGOs in Serbia have come together to launch an attack on croneyism and political hires in the public sector in Serbia, which they describe as endemic.     The Center for Democracy, the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and the Initiative for Local Development in Kraljevo have launched a joint campaign, “Stop […]

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