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New U.K. Agency to Target International Corruption

August 11, 2015

A new U.K. unit will investigate cases of international corruption affecting developing countries. A handout photograph taken and released April 25, 2015, by the U.K. National Crime Agency shows an officer looking through binoculars towards the tug Hamal, believed to have been carrying a shipment of cocaine, as it traveled off the coast of Scotland.Agence […]

Croatia: The Little Anti-Corruption Agency That Could

August 10, 2015

After humble beginnings in empty offices, Croatia’s anti-corruption body became a crusading national force. On December 10, 2010, former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader was driving with his brother on an Alpine highway when Austrian police stopped his car and arrested him under an international warrant. Sanader had fled Croatia a day earlier, hours before […]

Serbia: Anti-Corruption Agency comments on real estate law

August 10, 2015

The law on special conditions of sale of certain state-owned real estate contains risks of corruption, Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Agency has stated. The qualification is contained in the agency’s corruption risk assessment sent to the Serbian parliament and government on Thursday (Aug 6). According to the Agency’s website, unlike other regulations pertaining to the disposal of […]

Romania: Court Rejects Appeal by Lukoil Managers Against Charges for $2 Billion ‘Fraud’

August 10, 2015

A court has rejected the appeal by six executives of the embattled Romanian subsidiary of oil giant Lukoil against an indictment for money laundering and tax evasion. It is the latest development in an escalating power tussle between prosecutors and the oil firm, whose Romanian subsidiary is the largest Russian company to operate in the […]

Montenegro – Minister Segrt: Waiting lists are fiction and a source of corruption

August 10, 2015

Waiting lists in Montenegrin health system are a fiction and a source of corruption, said Minister Budimir Segrt, while stating that for their solving expertise, will and adequate organization are necessary. He said that this is proven by the new management of the Medical center of Montenegro (KCCG), lead by Ranko Lazovic that cleared out […]

Moldova steps up search for missing millions from banks

August 10, 2015

Moldova is stepping up efforts to try to track down missing millions from its banking system and recover the lost money from bank accounts abroad where possible, its new prime minister Valeriu Strelet said. The small ex-Soviet country, between Ukraine and Romania, has been in turmoil since it emerged that $1 billion – roughly the […]

Bulgaria jails former spy chief for corruption

August 10, 2015

Former head of Bulgaria’s National Intelligence Service Kircho Kirov was sentenced on Friday (Aug. 7) to 10 years in prison on corruption charges. The court said on Friday that Kirov received the minimum sentence possible under Bulgarian law, adding that half of his assets would be confiscated. Kirov, who led the Balkan country’s intelligence agency […]

Balkan journalists face threats and intimidation, says report

August 7, 2015

Human Rights Watch urges EU to intervene in countries seeking membership Journalists in several Balkan countries work in hostile environments that affect their ability to carry out their work, says a report issued by Human Rights Watch (HRW). The report, A difficult profession: media freedom under attack, documents attacks and threats against journalists in Bosnia […]

Romanian Tax Authorities Probe Celebrities, Moneylenders

August 7, 2015

Romania’s tax authorities say they will investigate the country’s big earners, including celebrities, moneylenders and pop stars, to verify the sources of their incomes. The head of Romania’s tax authority, Stefan Diaconu, said Thursday authorities were intensifying the fight against tax evasion, having identified 7,800 people to investigate, and were actively pursuing more than 300 […]

B&H: Darnel in FBiH Stockholding Agency

August 6, 2015

Two private firms have illegally used up wheat from the entity stockholding agency worth 1.8 million KM. The FBiH Stockholding Agency could stop such theft if it were more diligent about litigation. Wheat worth 1.8 million KM has gone missing from the FBiH Stockholding Agency which keeps it on hand in case of war or […]

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