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Macedonia Plans Whistleblower Protection Law

October 16, 2015

As part of the ongoing efforts to end the political crisis that revolves around mass illegal surveillance claims, Macedonia is soon expected to adopt a law to protect whistleblowers. As efforts continue to put inter-party talks on ending the political crisis that revolves around mass illegal surveillance claims back on track, Macedonia is soon expected […]

Romania: The Knight of Rueful Schengen

October 16, 2015

Whatever they tell you, be sure it is about Schengen, because Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva has embarked on a mission impossible – to raise the question of Bulgaria’s Schengen membership at every European meeting. “Bulgaria not joining Schengen eight years into its EU membership is not only our problem. This is a problem of […]

B&H: Officeholders Received 346,000 KM in Retirement Severance

October 13, 2015

Money went to 23 officeholders who held senior posts in eight state ministries. Twenty-three officeholders received nearly 346,000 KM in severance pay before retiring. Ministers, deputies, assistants and advisors to the ministers and secretary generals of the ministries got money from the budget of eight state ministries since 2006. According to the Law on Salaries […]

Watchdog unearths dubious dealings behind Romania’s economic boom

October 13, 2015

Bribery charges against employees of French water giant Veolia have raised questions about the role of corruption in Romania’s economic boom. Bucharest has rebuked the agency that brought it up, Luke Dale-Harris writes. A corruption crackdown that has shaken the Romanian government to its core over the past 10 months has now extended to the […]

Rise in ‘Urgently’ Passed Laws Queried in Serbia

October 12, 2015

Legal experts say trend towards passing laws in urgent procedure is stifling democratic debate and lowering the quality of legislation.   A marked rise in the number of laws passed  in urgent procedure in Serbia and without debate – often under the excuse of EU membership talks – is raising questions about transparency and the […]

Moldova’s Maidan: Echoes of Ukraine crisis amid anti-corruption protest movement

October 9, 2015

Moldova has been rocked by mass protests for several weeks after a banking fraud scandal saw $1bn (£650m, €890m) of public money disappear from three of the country’s leading banks. This prompted the EU, IMF and World Bank to freeze financial assistance to the corruption-wracked eastern European nation. The protesters have formed two distinct camps; […]

Romania: Four Year Sentence for Former Agriculture Minister

October 9, 2015

Bucharest’s Court of Appeal has sentenced Romania’s former Agriculture Minister Stelian Fuia to four years in prison for abuse of office. He was convicted of illegally selling off state-owned assets, robbing the state’s coffers of more than € 362,000 (US$ 430,000). At the time of the offence, he was director of state-owned agricultural facility the […]

Romania’s powerful mayors tumble in corruption crackdown

October 8, 2015

Former presidential candidate and two-term mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu took to the airwaves in September to right a few wrongs about how local officials are perceived in Romania. “Everyone believes that everybody in local administration are thieves, that they all take 10-15 percent,” he told a local television journalist. “We are not all thieves […]

Macedonia ‘Censorship Bill’ Shelved Amid Protests

October 8, 2015

Parliament withdraws controversial bill banning publication of material related to mass surveillance claims, as anti-government protesters rally in Skopje. The Macedonian Parliament has confirmed a controversial government-backed bill that would have criminalised the publication of material related to allegations of mass unlawful wiretapping has been withdrawn. Parliament announced the bill had been withdrawn in a […]

Montenegro Activists Defy ‘Unlawful Protest’ Ban

October 7, 2015

Opposition politicians and activists pledge to continue protests across Montenegro, despite a police ban on ‘unauthorised’ demonstrations outside the capital. Hundreds of protesters in several major towns demonstrated on Monday against Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic’s administration, which they accuse of widespread corruption, undemocratic practices and election fraud. The main opposition party alliance, the Democratic Front, […]

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