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B&H: Departure from Freedom of Access to Information

October 1, 2015

Even though laws were passed 15 years ago giving citizens the right to information from public institutions, actually getting that information has not happened. The state Agency for Drugs and Medicine Equipment has spent nearly 90,000 KM over three years in the interest of establishing good relations with clients. Agency Director Nataša Grubiš approved a […]

Romanians trust DNA almost as much as the Church

October 1, 2015

Romania’s National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), which is in charge of investigating the corruption offences, has seen a significant increase in the trust ranking, in the last year. Some 60% of Romanians say they trust the DNA, according to a survey made by social research institute INSCOP in September 2015, 11 percentage more than in September […]

Kosovo: Unemployment and corruption are the main problems

September 16, 2015

Corruption, high level of unemployment, weak performance by the government, are the main problems that citizens of Kosovo face today. Based on a survey conducted by Speak movement, around 52,8% of people in Kosovo consider unemployment as the main problem, while 39% believe that corruption is one of the main problems. Around 34% of citizens […]

Leaked OSCE Document Names ‘Corrupt’ Albanian MPs

September 16, 2015

The OSCE said on Saturday that the report alleging wrongdoing by 36 Albanian MPs, prepared in October 2014 and leaked last week to the website, “contained information circulating in the country and was not the official view of the organisation”. The report claimed that the MPs, including Prime Minister Edi Rama, the speaker of […]

Macedonia Parties Clinch Deal on Special Prosecutor

September 15, 2015

After hours of talks brokered by the EU, Macedonia’s political parties met a Tuesday deadline to agree on the appointment of a special prosecutor who will probe the illegal surveillance claims that have shaken the government. The EU facilitator in the talks, Peter Vanhoutte has called Macedonian politicians on accountablilty After marathon talks, Macedonia’s political […]

Croatia: Justice Against Corruption Still In Claws Of Baptism Of Fire

September 15, 2015

Justice in ridding Croatia of paralysing corrupt practices inherited from the communist power-bases of former Yugoslavia, or at least reducing them so that corruption ceases to stifle democratic progress including the economy, has indeed been a long-suffering entity in Croatia. Croatia that is free from corruption is the new bright position people want Croatia to […]

Romania’s integrity agency finds EUR 780,000 undeclared money in former Constanta mayor’s accounts

September 15, 2015

Romania’s National Integrity Agency (ANI) has found EUR 780,000 in a bank account in Israel that belonged to Constanta’s former mayor Radu Mazare. The money hadn’t been declared in Mazare’s wealth statements, according to ANI. ANI had also signaled a EUR 170,000 difference between Radu Mazare’s gained assets and his declared revenues, following a previous […]

Huge Anti-Graft Protests in Moldova Have Entered Their Second Week

September 15, 2015

They accuse the government of failing to bring to account those responsible for siphoning off $1.5 billion from three Moldovan banks. Huge anticorruption demonstrations in the Moldovan capital Chisinau have entered their eighth day, with protesters calling for the government’s ouster and early elections. About 20,000 people took to the streets Sunday to demand an […]

Waiting for a New Moldova

September 11, 2015

Have the citizens of Moldova had enough of leaders who have consistently turned a blind eye to corruption? Judging from the tens of thousands who over the past few days have taken to the streets of the capital, Chişinău, this may well be the case. And not before time for this small, poor country that […]

OSCE Chides Albania Over June Local Elections

September 11, 2015

In its report on the June 21 elections, the OSCE/ODIHR praised the calm environment but raised concerns about the voting list, pressure on voters, media bias and the use of government resources. The OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission offered about 23 recommendations to Albania to improve elections standards in its final report on the June 21 […]

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