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Serbia arrests 80 in anti-corruption sweep, including ex-minister

December 28, 2015

Serbian police arrested 80 people including a former minister on graft charges on Saturday, stepping up an anti-corruption drive days after opening talks on joining the European Union. In the biggest sweep of its kind in the country in decades, the former head of the anti-corruption agency, executives of state-owned companies, two ex-government officials and […]

Serbian Judge’s Removal ‘Threatens Judicial Independence’

December 24, 2015

The removal of judge Vladimir Vucinic from Belgrade’s Special Court was a political move aimed at curbing judicial independence and will set back an important case against interior ministry officers, experts alleged. The decision last month to remove judge Vucinic from the special chambers of the Higher Court, which deal with organised crime, corruption and […]

Trials Await Serbia’s New Organised Crime Prosecutor

December 23, 2015

Over the next six years, Serbia’s newly-elected organized crime prosecutor will be watched closely to see if he can show his independence and tackle the country’s most high-profile cases. The Serbian Special Court | Photo: Beta The new Serbian organized crime prosecutor Mladen Nenadic not only faces a tough job dealing with his caseload, but […]


B&H: Sarajevo Clinics Hiring Without Procedures

December 22, 2015

A former director of the Public Institution Clinics of Sarajevo Canton hired friends and the relatives of colleagues for years without authorization. Sarajevo Canton Public Clinic hired nearly 600 people over four years without following any set procedure. Director Slobodan Trninić paid the salaries for their unapproved positions by diverting money from a budget line […]

Bulgaria amends its constitution; the government survives judicial corruption scandal

December 17, 2015

On Wednesday, December 16, Bulgaria adopted constitutional amendments that will allow for a “comprehensive” reform of the justice system. In theory, these amendments should reinforce the independence of the judiciary and empower the office of the prosecutor general. This was the third reading of the constitutional amendments.  At the second reading, the text initially proposed […]

Montenegro Arrests Ex-President Marovic for Corruption

December 17, 2015

The former president of Serbia and Montenegro Svetozar Marovic was arrested on Thursday in connection to a long-running corruption case concerning his hometown of Budva. The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime in Montenegro ordered the arrest of the former president of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro Svetozar Marovic on Thursday. Marovic, who chairs […]

Romania Targets Wealthiest Tax Dodgers

December 16, 2015

In its latest attempt to tackle corruption, the Romanian tax authorities are checking up on the assets of the richest people in the country.   Romania’s tax administration, ANAF, is checking the assets of 30 ultra-wealthy Romanians from an initial group of people with personal assets of over 20 million euro, according to information BIRN […]

West urges Albania’s judges to back overhaul of graft-prone judiciary

December 16, 2015

The European Union and the United States urged Albania’s judges on Monday to back a planned overhaul of the Balkan nation’s judicial system, which is widely seen as corrupt and opaque. The reforms, a precondition for the launch of Albania’s accession talks with the EU, will introduce the vetting of all judges, weeding out corrupt […]

Bulgaria Cracks Customs Officers’ Bribe Scam

December 16, 2015

Police have nabbed 22 customs officers who allegedly ran a scam on the border with Turkey, taking bribes from drivers.   Bulgaria has arrested 22 customs officers at Kapitan Andreevo, the main checkpoint on the border with Turkey, and charged them with corruption. The officers are charged with forming an organized criminal group, involved in taking […]

Romania’s ‘Mrs Justice’ Takes on Corruption

December 7, 2015

Is the anti-corruption campaign in Romania led by Laura Codruta Kovesi really about to eradicate widespread graft in the Balkan country? Besides Transylvania’s beautiful landscape or its cinematic new wave, Romania is most often mentioned in the Western media for its anti-graft drive. The latest example is a recent feature published by the Politico website […]

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