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Moldova: A specialist of the Balti Military Center is facing a six-year jail sentence for active corruption

November 2, 2017

A specialist from the Territorial Military Center Balti will be tried for influence peddling. The suspect would have asked 800 euros from a young man to save him from military service and release his military book. According to prosecutors, the suspect acted in complicity with another person. They received 600 euros of the requested money. […]

Macedonia: Two members of Government are under investigation for corruption, announces Zaev

November 2, 2017

Two members of the current government are under investigation for corruption, announces Prime Minister Zoran Zaev in his speech at the “Macedonia 2025″ Summit, which is being held in Skopje. Zaev added that the investigations were opened after reports from concerned citizens, but stressed that he could not release more details. “We are actively fighting […]

Simple Rules and Transparency Key to Reducing Corruption, Says Mungiu-Pippidi

October 31, 2017

Low levels of regulation, minimal government intervention, and transparency are essential to reducing corruption, but can only be effective in a society where an independent media and judiciary can empower active citizenship, said Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, who chairs the European Research Centre for Anticorruption and State-Building (ERCAS) at Hertie School of Governance.​ Mungiu-Pippidi delivered her lecture […]

Bulgaria high court to seek constitutional ruling on existence of specialised anti-corruption courts

October 30, 2017

Judges at Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC) voted on October 27 in favour of a motion to challenge at the Constitutional Court the creation of specialised courts for corruption cases. Earlier this year, Parliament approved amendments to the Penal Procedure Code, which envisioned that corruption cases brought against senior elected officials and magistrates would […]

Bushati: Vetting process to eradicate corruption in Albania’s judiciary

October 30, 2017

A vetting process that will screen hundreds of judges and prosecutors in Albania is seen as crucial to clean the country’s justice system of corrupt people, Socialist Party MP Ervin Bushati said at a meeting hosted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Rome, Italy. “The vetting is extremely important to […]

Rome’s Trevi fountain turns red after activist uses dye to protest ‘corruption’

October 27, 2017

An Italian activist has poured red dye into the Trevi Fountain 10 years after he pulled the same stunt. Graziano Cecchini insisted that the dye wouldn’t harm the fountain and was intended as a protest against Rome’s corruption and filth. According to witnesses, Cecchini managed to climb onto the side of the fountain and pour […]

25 – 26 October 2017, Sarajevo, BiH: JAI-NET Meeting – RAI presented the International Instrument on Data Exchange in Asset Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

October 27, 2017

Regional Anti-corruption Initiative (RAI) represented by Head of Secretariat, Mr Vladan Joksimović, and Programme and Outreach Officer, Ms Jasna Panjeta, participated at the internal meeting on “Preventing, Identifying and Addressing (Instances of) State Capture”, which was organized by the European Commission on 25 – 26 October 2017, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The meeting started by defining, […]

25 – 26 October 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia: Regional Forum on Preventing Corruption Through Efficient Identification of Risks

October 25, 2017

Efficient identification of corruption risks and their assessment in public institutions is the main topic of a two-day Regional Forum which started in Ljubljana, Slovenia today. Opening the Forum, Boris Štefanec, the Chief Commissioner of the Slovenian Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, expressed his satisfaction with the fact that a day before Slovenia joined […]

24 October 2017: The 26th RAI Steering Group Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia

October 24, 2017

The 26th RAI Steering group meeting was held on October 24th 2017, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The meeting is the main forum of the Initiative, which will provide ground to the participants to take the decisions that will be implemented in the framework of RAI in the course of the following period. The Steering Group Meeting […]

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Slovenia welcomed to RAI Family as an Observer

October 24, 2017

RAI is proud to announce that Slovenia has formalized its cooperation with RAI by sending the formal request for status of Observer. The formal request was presented at the 26th RAI Steering Group meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Mr. Boris Stefanec, Chief Commissioner of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption of Slovenia and duly granted […]

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