14 – 15 May, 2019 Becici, MNE: Training on Effective Asset Recovery: Legal Standards and Good Practices

AIRE Centre (Advice on Individual Rights in Europe) and RAI Secretariat (Regional Anti-corruption Initiative) partnered up to implement a 2-year Regional Project on asset recovery titled “Strengthening anti-corruption in the South East Europe through improving asset seizure measures” (the Regional Anti-corruption Project). The training is organised within the Regional Project.


The training is the first in the series of three trainings on this topic which will be organised within the framework of the project, so there will be further opportunities for prosecutors and judges to participate in other sessions. The objective of the training is to further build expertise among prosecutors and judges in the field of asset recovery, to facilitate the exchange of good practices in this respect in the South East Europe, and strengthen capacity of judicial training institutes to provide training at national level by providing appropriate training handbooks.

The training will focus on international and European legal standards and the European Court of Human Rights case-law in the field of asset recovery in order to foster the implementation of the asset recovery measures in practice. The design of the training is based on interactive methods and interventions.

The target audience of the training are prosecutors and judges from the region who have experience and work on asset recovery cases.

The next training sessions will be in November 2019 and in the beginning of 2020.

For additional information, please see the draft event Agenda, or contact RAI Secretariat to: info@rai-see.org.


RAI Secretariat

12 April 2019